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Swordfish & Friend Distributions is all about making it fun, affordable and easy to play analog music and to start a vinyl collection. Our goal is to make listening to vinyl more approachable for those who didn’t grew up with the black gold.

It is not necessary to be a music purist who strolls around record fairs looking for a limited pressing of the 13th floor elevators. You also don’t have to be an audiophile who knows everything about electronic equipment. Everybody can start playing vinyl just because it’s fun and makes you feel happy.

From this point of view we started importing the easy to use, affordable and good looking record players from Crosley back in 2013. In the past 6 years, Swordfish & Friend has built a distribution network of over 800 beautiful retailers in 28 European countries with a nice portfolio of record players, record accessories and record storage.

We do this with an awesome team of music loving people:

Marlein Parlevliet

Tessa Pals

Ruben van Gaalen

Myrthe Hessels-Somers

Susanne Ribbink & Kees van Dijk

Susanne Ribbink

Leonie Jupijn-Wenting

Ruben Smit