Arjanne Bode | Print Als een Vis op het droge

Arjanne Bode | Print Als een Vis op het droge


Since January 1, 2016, Dutch fishermen are forced to bring all catch - by-catch included - to shore, in stead of throwing it back into sea. This European law should encourage a more sustainable and selective fishing industry, but is counterproductive. If they don’t innovate in the fishing techniques, huge amounts of young, undersized fish will be brought to shore dead, without any financial valuable market. This doesn’t only effect the ecosystem, but also the fishing industry itself, that puts its own future at stake. 


‘Als een vis op het droge  (Like fish out of water)’ is a collection and representation of Arjanne Bode’s investigation into this law. The project consists of an installation, a video and a website, in which different contradictions within the topic are discussed. 

Print: Bona Fide
Dimension: A4
Printed on photopaper

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