Swordfish & Friend store is closing its doors

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Swordfish & Friend store will close its doors by the end of December 2018. What started off as a pop-up store, ended up being a four year party celebrating art and music. Although the concept grew in most senses, unfortunately we came to the conclusion that we weren’t able to make this business profitable.

With the store we aimed to be a curator in the world of art and music. Our goal was to spark the fun of building a personal collection and reducing the barrier to do so. Within this mission it was possible to showcase lots of upcoming talented artists during more than 50 in-store sessions and art-talks. We would like to thank everybody who contributed their magic!

Swordfish & Friend store is a side-project of our bigger enterprise and shall continue her distribution- and product label from the head office in De Meern.

Thank you, on to the future. See you again!

With love,

Swordfish & Friend

Marlein Parlevliet, Tessa Pals,

Leonie Wenting, Luke Cohlen

Tessa Pals