Shop in Shop | Le Guess Who? 2017



What do Le Guess Who? and Swordfish and Friend have in common? Our passion for curating an interesting and diverse music program and the love for illustrative design!

During the festival, that starts on Thursday 9th of november, we will be having a special Le Guess Who? shop in our shop! Here you'll be able to find their official merch that consists of t-shirts, gym bags, beanies and unisex sweaters. Moreover we'll be stocking a special box of vinyl containing releases by some of the artists playing that weekend.

...but what is truly unique is that you can take the official Le Guess Who? artwork home with you!

Every year LGW? works with a different visual artist. This year Leonie Bos is responsible for making the artwork. The use of architectural forms, functional structures and textures are aspects that makes the work of Leonie very appealing to the eyes and mind! 

It's Nice That describes her work as followed: "There’s a precision to Leonie’s work that makes her illustrations feel like hand-drawn renders of prospective buildings and her references to 20th Century architecture, like clear-cut 90 degree angles and sparse decoration enhance this."

Leonie didn’t just make one artwork for Le Guess Who?, but did three different illustrations that represent the three different process stages of creating the logo. 

The first one shows all the building blocks that Leonie used for the final artwork. This is the print we will selling in our Le Guess Who? shop in shop. 

Leonie Bos | Artwork €24,-

Leonie Bos | Artwork €24,-

The second illustration shows how the building blocks are attached to each other by a sort of sticky fluid.

Leonie Bos | Artwork 2

Leonie Bos | Artwork 2

When the fluid conjures all the building blocks into a whole the final artwork comes to live!

The three artworks were a perfect way to present new names to the LGW? line-up. It tells a visual narrative of how a festival is build.

Leonie Bos | Artwork 3

Leonie Bos | Artwork 3

We'll be open all festival days, presenting a thrilling Le Mini Who? programme on saturday and bring some local deejays to do instores. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and see you in the shop!

Tessa Pals