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Let's Chat | Nuno Dos Santos (SoHaSo)

Tessa Pals


Nuno Dos Santos is a familiar face in Utrecht and always stocks his vinyl releases in our shop. Representing this city worldwide, he has been spinning for over a decade and runs the quality Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo) label. Let's chat!

Hey Nuno! Could you tell us a little about the how, where and what around starting SoHaSo?

I was thinking about it for a while actually and then started the label in 2013 when the time felt right. Over 6 years ago when I first heard the demos by Love over Entropy, I remember being blown away by his music and I knew it was going to be the first release on the label. I’ve known Michel for a long time already, also from his previous releases under a different moniker. I then started to work on the release and connecting the dots. I’m a huge fan of Conforce’s alias Versalife and I wanted a remixer that I knew would turn the original into something completely different, and he did. I then contacted Jonne from the design collective Dietwee and they came up with the concept for the artwork. After I collected a few releases, I drove to Cologne to meet with Michael Mayer from Kompakt. When they heard the first three releases, they were very excited and so it happened that Kompakt is now responsible for the distribution of our label. A couple of months before the first release we also did our first label night in Utrecht, which turned out great and build the momentum to the first release. 

Some of your releases combine electro jams by groups of legends such as on the latest Cosmic Force EP, the other time it’s you working your magic solo. Every release is a gem on its own of course, but are there specific highlights and could you share a little behind the screen stories?

All label releases are highlights for me since they all came together with a special story. But I'm pretty proud of this latest Cosmic Force one. I have known Ben for a long time and while ago was just sitting in his studio listening to music when he showed me these tracks he never released including this amazing collaboration he did with Legowelt and Orgue Electronique. Also love the first Kiani & His Legion EP. The whole series with him grew very naturally after I simply asked him for demo's because I liked his stuff. I really like how he creates a concept around all of his music, something that showcases best in his latest Lima Oscar Victor Echo EP and an interview with him for XLR8R.

As a visual-oriented store we are baffled by the artwork for the label too! How do you pick and craft 'em & and what is the philosophy in such?

I have graphic/art background so the design is just as important to me as the music in order to tell the entire story with the label. I keep the art direction and ask graphic designers to listen to the music or do something with the titles and create something that is in line within our Something Happening Somewhere ideology. It brings such beautiful and refreshing design. Vinyl is therefore super important for me in order to have a piece of art that sustains.

Recently you collaborated with the amazing Eefje de Visser, how is it to collaborate in such a crossover manner? We’d reckon it’d be very refreshing, did it change your view on producing music?

It was indeed super refreshing and exciting. She's a great artist to work with. We had a couple of hours at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam where she invited me and where we wrote the idea and recorded local sounds and a basic version - after which I produced and finalised everything in my studio. A lot of electronic music is more rhythm based and dance floor focused. To create something just for listening purposes is great! At the moment I'm collaborating with with another indie artist and I would like to find a nice balance between the two genres when it comes to producing music.

Secretly we already knew you have a soft heart for indie and folk. What are some of your favourite albums recently?

Japanese Breakfast, Jess Williamson & Marlon Williams albums are on high rotation at the moment.

Thanks Nuno! Any exciting things coming up this summer and beyond?

Sure! The Eefje de Visser vinyl only release Wit Blad will come soon, it includes a Matttheis remix and an 808 edit I did and comes on a silkscreened sleeve + an exclusive poster. After that we have the Roger van Lunteren EP in september. Then one by Joannes from the North of Holland reissue by Dexter and Cosmic Force. On the event side we are hosting a stage at Paradigm festival on Saturday August 11. And our next SoHaSo in Tivoli Utrecht on September 21 after which it is time again for ADE in October where we will host something special at Oosterbar on Sunday :)

A lovely Utrecht Canal Pride 2018 w/ Dance With Pride & Hilde Atalanta

Tessa Pals

The 16th of June we had such a good time! Utrecht Canal Pride was happening around town for the second time, and therefore invited our friends Dance With Pride & Hilde Atalanta over for an instore programme. Dance With Pride is a non-profit that aims to stimulate equality within the music scene through panel talks & musical events - by which (+ merchandise) they collect money for small initiatives that support LGBTQI+ refugees, like for STIL Utrecht this event.

We spoke to both Axmed Maxamed, initiator of Dance With Pride, and Hilde Atalanta, who happened to be one of our first illustrators we have been selling art of in our store, about their work.

 Axmed Maxamed alongside one of the deejays Dance With Pride invited, Suze Ijó

Axmed Maxamed alongside one of the deejays Dance With Pride invited, Suze Ijó

Hey Axmed the day was full of spontaneity and surprises, it felt really healthy! How did you experience the event?

I really, really enjoyed the event. It started off with some technical difficulties, but both the deejays and the people working in the store as well as the people that were there to dance, all helped out to make everything run along smoothly - so to me it felt, even though I'm not from Utrecht, like I was part of a community for that day and I was really happy with the turnout. I also loved the the fact that most people who were there were able to find out what we were raising money for, because Loes from STIL was there to explain what they do and where the money that was raised at this event would specifically go to. The music was great, vibe was great, shoutout to the deejays Suze Ijó, Daan Groeneveld & Matthieu - and Hilde's work was also very awesome, I'm glad that I got to know her better as well.

How do you think such a day can contribute to the city and its scene?

Even though we weren't on the official Pride calendar, there were a lot of Pride folks that happened to hop in once we welcomed them and told them what the event was about, in addition to people that already knew this was happening. It was great to have some extra foot traffic, people celebrating Pride who discovered something new, discovered the initiative we were raising money for and also Dance With Pride itself. Some of them ended up buying t-shirts. Luke and I also went by Savannah Bay (nearby bookstore which specialises in feminism, post-colonialism, gender and sexuality) to invite them. They came by as well as the Niet normaal * queer crew that were doing a party later that night in EKKO. Even though DWP is not from Utrecht we were able to get some of its queer community together and they were very supportive. The Niet normaal * crew offered to continue raise awareness and sell our t-shirts via their event, that was great! This all made it a special day, it really felt like a community event and we were very thankful for that.

What is in the future for Dance With Pride?

Continue with what we’re doing! More panel talks, parties, raising of awareness and money for small initiatives that support LGBTQI+ refugees. We are just trying to be part of the change that we want to see in the scene. The weekend after the event at your shop we had a panel talk with queer refugees followed by a fundraiser in Groningen. The hosts Fafi Abdel Nour and Miss Jay who organise this HOMOOST night were playing alongside Utrecht local Carista and Hellie Berry. We were really happy to follow up the instore with an event like that! 

Is there any new music you've been loving lately?

As you know I really love music, did so all my life! I listen to music all day long. Usually I listen to mixes - most of the time, there aren't a lot of albums I enjoy in it's entirety. Once in a while there is one that really speaks to me - at this moment this is The Carters (Beyonce & Jay Z) - Everything is Love. It speaks to me on multiple levels that I can’t really explain without going to much into detail. I even got a Tidal membership for it but I am hoping you guys can get the vinyl soon, so I can get it physically as wel!


 The Carters | Everything is love

The Carters | Everything is love

The iconic DWP t-shirts are now available in our shop.

Dance With Pride t-shirt

Hilde Atalanta's illustrations are focussed on different forms of relationships, sexualities and gender identities. We love the dazzling portraits she makes as well as the empowering 'The Vulva Gallery' project where she celebrates diversity of.. yeah you know! 

 Hilde Atalanta

Hilde Atalanta

There was a lot of appreciation for your new works! How did you experience the day itself?

Yes, I was happily surprised with the positive attention my work received. I was also very happy with the combination of exhibiting my work together with Dance With Pride. I feel that collaborations like these, between queer artists, are important and bring together people who can inspire each other. 

Have such questions of sexual- and gender identity always been present in your life? When did you decide to take the artistic route around such?

In a way, yes. I started illustrating about 2 years ago, and it felt natural to work with themes that are close to me. In a way my work is autobiographical, but it also includes the stories of people who are close to me. 

Are the portraits based upon stories you heard or are they purely fictional? How does this process go?

The portraits I paint are a combination of friends (or models), and sometimes they are fictional portraits. I’m often making a series of portraits, as I love working on an idea for a longer period of time. A series can sometimes bring out a story more clearly. The process evolves quite naturally; I get an idea and feel that it needs to become a series of illustrations, I collect all the materials I need to complete this series, and I keep on working until I feel the circle is round. 


 Dimensions portrait | Hilde Atalanta

Dimensions portrait | Hilde Atalanta

Could you tell us something about the You're Welcome Club?

The popular media are portraying a certain image, “ideal” or “perfect” women and men. They are often white, athletic models, very feminine women and very masculine men. Many individuals don’t recognise themselves in these “ideal” women and men. I wanted to make a series of illustrations where I’m showing a wide diversity of human beings, with different kinds of backgrounds, sexualities, gender identities and body shapes. With You’re Welcome Club I’m aiming to make a series of illustrations in which people recognise themselves. I want people to feel welcome, to feel included, and to know that they belong in our society just as much as you and I do. 

We were in awe of your ''The Future Is Inclusive'' pins! How does your ideal society look like? In what ways do you think art has the power to change societal structures?

My ideal society is an inclusive society, where people are open towards each other’s differences and where they respect each other. I feel that respecting others is often something we seem to forget. It’s easy to get confused by someone who looks different. It’s easy to be scared of people who feel different. Still, I feel we need to invest in having an empathic, or at least respectful attitude towards each other. The world would be very boring if we would all look and act the same, and we can learn so much from our differences. It’s simply so much more interesting to look at the world from all kinds of different perspectives. I’m not sure in what way art has the power to change, but I feel that images can tell stories and convey emotions in different ways than words can do. 

Pin the future is inclusive | Hilde Atalanta

Thanks a lot for your work! We can't wait to showcase more of yours in the shop! Can you shed light upon any exciting plans?

In July I’ll be exhibiting a selection of my works at the Amsterdam AIDS Conference. I’m also planning on making a The Vulva Gallery book, but I can’t tell you much about it yet. 


 The Vulva Gallery | Hilde Atalanta

The Vulva Gallery | Hilde Atalanta




Customer Picks | Abel (A.V)

Tessa Pals

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-17 at 18.28.05.jpeg

First timer, customer picks on the blog! Abel Vlaanderen a.k.a. A.V is a common and beloved face in the shop. Next to deejaying he contributed textual magic to platforms such as THUMP, De Volkskrant and De School. Below he'll share with us some of his shop favourites.


Abel: ''..The German DJ and producer Lena Willikens is without a doubt one of the most singular artists of the past five years. Willikens often draws for slow and spooky records with the consistency of fermenting syrup. Her selections have a unique hypnotic effect on dance floors across the world, from Düsseldorf to Dekmantel’s São Paulo Festival. Now Willikens has compiled a strong compilation for Dekmantel, with wonky weirdness by old and new producers alike. Especially the contributions of JASSS, who featured in numerous end-of-year lists in 2017, and young British producer Chekov are worth checking out. This 2LP is not only a must for DJs, but also for folks who like to close their curtains, pour a glass of cheap Scotch and dream of small, sweaty and smokey clubs. Looking at you Marnix.''

buy it here


Abel: ''...While we’re on the subject of Scotch, smoke and relishing in miserable humanity, make sure to check out the latest album by the Arctic Monkeys, in my humble opinion a modern equivalent of The Beatles or Nirvana. As an avid electronic music fan I’m not ashamed to admit that my knowledge of guitar-based music is incredibly limited. That said, I’ve listened to this concert by the Monkeys over and over again, so much so that I just need to promote their new record on here. Apparently frontman Alex Turner swapped his guitar for keys as well, but yeah, I’d buy this if he played a frog.''

buy it here



Abel: ''...As a DJ, I can’t shake the desire to combine certain sounds with each other, and believe me, I’ve tried. However, in this case it’s a fortunate affliction, as I was drawn to Carla Dal Forno’s seminal You Know What It’s Like, since it ALSO FEATURES A GUITAR. This album was released in 2016 on Blackest Ever Black, and it remains a beautifully hazy collection of love songs, custom built for millennial break-ups. Dal Forno’s voice is something else, and the music is incredibly organic and original, something that impressed me immensely when I saw her perform at Rewire a year ago. Check out the soul-crushing Fast Moving Cars after the jump.''

buy it here

SW. / SVN | SUED 19 (SUED)

Abel: ''...SUED is, like Lena Willikens, quintessentially idiosyncratic. The Berlin label releases mostly hardware jams by extended family like Dynamo Dreesen, SW. and SVN, without giving a single fuck about DJ-ing trends. This makes them one of the most in demand labels from Germany today, while their tunes feature often in sets by Call Super, Ben UFO and Shanti Celeste. On this particular EP they present two deep cuts by their core artists, all heavy-hitting drums and deep pads. Both sides feature ambient-ish sketches as well, for the adventurous DJs amongst us. ESSENTIAL.''

buy it here

RAMZi | Pèze-Piton (12TH ISLE)

Abel: ''...And finally for this first selection: another must-have hit record! RAMZi’s LP for Scottish label 12th Isle is an amazing and visionary work by Phoebé Guillemot, equally appealing to fans of Jon Hassell’s ‘Fourth World Music’ as to those who like their club music a bit more adventurous than your standard copy-paste lo-fi biz. Expect songs and sceneries with a collage-like quality, incorporating strange vocal snippets, field recordings and a tropical touch in more than one place. Guillemot ‘likes to immerse the listener in the RAMZi world’ and is even thinking of designing maps to accompany the music she makes. Also check her sets as DJ FATi if you like what you hear. In my opinion RAMZi is one of the current artists showing that there’s so much more to explore within the already varied realm of electronic music.''

buy it here

Thanks a lot Abel! Check the full customer picks selection in the webshop here.

Our Record Store Day Gems

Tessa Pals


Hey! It's almost time for the 9th edition of Record Store Day and we can't wait! We've got hundreds (!) of beautiful reissues, ranging from golden oldies to crazy cult records, as well as fresh brand new material in store for you. We've made a small list of our personal TOP 3 in some ''genres'' and we hope to see you this Saturday! Check our event and instore line-up here: facebook.com/events/205442093373822/ 


Courtney Barnett - City Looks Pretty

Ulrika Spacek - Suggestive Listening EP

Sevdaliza - The Calling EP

David Bowie - Let's Dance (Demo version)

Air - Sexy Boy (20y anniversary 12'' picture disc) 

The Police - Roxanne / Peanuts



Shiho Yabuki - The Body Is A Message Of The Universe

Robert Goerl - The Paris Tapes

Richard Bone - Brave Tales


Wu-Tang - The Saga Instrumentals EP

Aaliyah - Back & Forth

Dr. Dre - Dre Day


New mural by Munir de Vries

Tessa Pals

Our shop in Utrecht consists of two floors and it was time to give our first floor some extra love. 

We were looking for an Utrecht based illustrator who could lead the costumer upstairs in an artistic way. The works of the talented Munir de Vries usually consist of fictive characters that are telling a story. His use of color and shapes fit so finely with the visual design of our store! And making murals is something Munir just really enjoys doing. You can find one of his works at the Croeselaan in Utrecht too.

 Croeselaan | Utrecht

Croeselaan | Utrecht

Munir came with the idea to make music boyz that can take you upstairs together! So it was time to get started and make our staircase into a place to check out! He handmade the design on the wall and within two days it was ready to ~ wow ~ all you peeps. 

 Our Vinyl boy gets you interested

Our Vinyl boy gets you interested

 Our Trompet boy gets you upstairs! 

Our Trompet boy gets you upstairs! 

We decided to select a few prints of Munir as well that are for sale. You can find the prints here

We hope to see you soon in Utrecht! 

Get To Know | Aafke Bouman

Tessa Pals

 Photography | Rick Erfmann

Photography | Rick Erfmann

Who is Aafke Bouman
I am 23 years old and recently graduated in illustration at HKU! I live in Amsterdam, but I love to escape the city now and then. This escapism also was the start and theme of my graduation project.

Within my imagery there is always a nomadic element to be found, both within the meaning and content as well as my way of working.

By making long strolls and stumbling upon new places I view my own surroundings in a different way. The way I conjure images consists of an interplay between my own observations and its translation towards my illustrative works - here, documentation and fiction come together.

What kind of projects have you been pursuing lately?
Mainly my graduation project! Here I came up with three fictive characters which all dissappear. 

As a maker I started a quest to actually find these persons. Through traces, items and messages I found, I illustrated and visualised these three dissappearances. The goal of this project was to tell a fragmented story in the shape of a quest which includes both the maker and spectator. 

 Aafke Bouman | Afstudeerproject Evie Hearst 

Aafke Bouman | Afstudeerproject Evie Hearst 

What did your first work consist of and what was the idea behind it?
It was an illustration for an article about our internet usage and how we cannot function without it. I made a drawing of a window with a cat sitting in it, looking through the window towards sunset, which simultaneously suggests the wi-fi logo. It is not my first work, but it was the first work where I was positively surprised by my own idea, haha.

 First Work 

First Work 

What are you most proud and thrilled of? 
I'm most proud of the fact that I graduated Cum Laude, I worked very hard for it and naturally the reward is very satisfying. It also gives me a confident feel after my graduation.

 Aafke Bouman | Afstudeerproject Bill Davenport

Aafke Bouman | Afstudeerproject Bill Davenport

What is your biggest source of inspiration?
Traces, weird poses and gestures of people, sects, old dug up photographs, films of kids that discover their own shadow, rituals, podcasts (this american life) and phenomena such as Hikikomori. But also artists such as Felix Vallotton, Will Barnet, Hopper and designer Ikko Tanaka.

Ikko Tanaka | Graphic Designer

What do we non-artists underestimate when it comes to art?
That in order to come up with new ideas and feeding yourself with such, as an artist you are actually continuously busy with your work. Whatever part of the day, I am always occuppied with finding new imagery, compositions or ways of designing.

 Aafke Bouman | Afstudeerproject Chester Harris

Aafke Bouman | Afstudeerproject Chester Harris

What are your current favourite Instagram accounts?
@publicdomainrev A great image archive consisting of inspiring and often odd photographs, illustrations and paintings of the past.

@leifandleif Kunstenaar Leif Low-Beer from New York surprises me each and every time how he utilises space and the flat surface. His work looks very playful, but you can see how every detail has been taken into thought.

@montagueprojects A curator of book covers from the entire 20th century, good for (typo)graphic inspiration. 

@hithisisjeff Finder/collector of old beautiful pictures.

When on the wall - framed or without?
Framed, in my opinion a frame lifts the piece to a higher level.

New In | Urbanears

Tessa Pals


Sport proper sound fashionably! Design meets audio is what we love. Therefore we're very thrilled to announce our brand new collaboration with Urbanears. We've got 3 different headphones and neatly styled multiroom speakers for you!

Urbansears Plattan 2 

Plattan 2 is the grown-up version of an Urbanears classic, upgraded to deliver a next-level experience in sound and ergonomics. Features a flexible 3D Hinge, extra isolating ear cushions, and clear, well-defined sound. And you’ll still recognize all those iconic details that make Plattan Plattan— like the fabric cord, built-in mic/remote, and music-sharing ZoundPlug

Plattan 2 Bluetooth

Plattan 2 Bluetooth combines the iconic Plattan design with 30+ hours of wireless playtime for a truly liberating listening experience. The on-ear headphone offers crisp, full spectrum sound and a control knob for simplified navigation. It also features the essential built-in mic, ergonomic fit, music sharing ZoundPlug, and a collapsible design so you can take them wherever you go.

Plattan 2 ADV wireless

Move around freely and listen to music without the hassle of cords. Plattan ADV Wireless has all the controls you need on its swipe interface. Pair up with Bluetooth and enjoy up to 14-hours of playtime on a single charge. Includes a washable headband, and collapsible structure for easy portability.

Urbanears multiroom speakers put you in touch with generous sound, endless audio possibilities, and the flexibility to stream, connect, or plug into your music. Combine two or more to create a multiroom system that suits all your spaces. Take your pick from a range of colors and sizes.

Shop in Shop | Le Guess Who? 2017

Tessa Pals



What do Le Guess Who? and Swordfish and Friend have in common? Our passion for curating an interesting and diverse music program and the love for illustrative design!

During the festival, that starts on Thursday 9th of november, we will be having a special Le Guess Who? shop in our shop! Here you'll be able to find their official merch that consists of t-shirts, gym bags, beanies and unisex sweaters. Moreover we'll be stocking a special box of vinyl containing releases by some of the artists playing that weekend.

...but what is truly unique is that you can take the official Le Guess Who? artwork home with you!

Every year LGW? works with a different visual artist. This year Leonie Bos is responsible for making the artwork. The use of architectural forms, functional structures and textures are aspects that makes the work of Leonie very appealing to the eyes and mind! 

It's Nice That describes her work as followed: "There’s a precision to Leonie’s work that makes her illustrations feel like hand-drawn renders of prospective buildings and her references to 20th Century architecture, like clear-cut 90 degree angles and sparse decoration enhance this."

Leonie didn’t just make one artwork for Le Guess Who?, but did three different illustrations that represent the three different process stages of creating the logo. 

The first one shows all the building blocks that Leonie used for the final artwork. This is the print we will selling in our Le Guess Who? shop in shop. 

 Leonie Bos | Artwork €24,-

Leonie Bos | Artwork €24,-

The second illustration shows how the building blocks are attached to each other by a sort of sticky fluid.

 Leonie Bos | Artwork 2

Leonie Bos | Artwork 2

When the fluid conjures all the building blocks into a whole the final artwork comes to live!

The three artworks were a perfect way to present new names to the LGW? line-up. It tells a visual narrative of how a festival is build.

 Leonie Bos | Artwork 3

Leonie Bos | Artwork 3

We'll be open all festival days, presenting a thrilling Le Mini Who? programme on saturday and bring some local deejays to do instores. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and see you in the shop!

Get To Know | Fleur Ouwerkerk

Tessa Pals

 Fleur Ouwerkerk

Fleur Ouwerkerk

Who is Fleur Ouwerkerk
Shaheen Merali - a great curator and coach from London who described me in the following words, has best written this:

"Fleur Ouwerkerk (fashion aficionado, photographer, social modalitist) suggests on her website that “I identify myself with the transforming abilities of a chameleon. ….I like to become somebody else every now and then." The shifting persona, the trickster is a survivor, an archetype that she scratches into the alchemy that makes a photograph, revealing the cosmopolitan consciousness of fine suspension of insoluble light-sensitive crystals in a colloid soul."

What kind of projects have you been pursuing lately?
I was honored to have been selected by for the Amsterdam Museum to style the fashion show for the opening of the Puck&Hans exhibition, both as a fashion stylist and artist. Here I was granted the privilege to pick the ‘’cherries’’ from their archive to create looks for my models. I finished these looks with my wearable hand woven hair-objects. In this project both fields of interest I’m active in, art and fashion, came together very well for a crowd of ±1500!

After this, I also got to show my wearable hair art at the Lady Africa runway show during Afrovibes festival at Kunsthal Rotterdam and Theater aan het Spui, The Hague.

 grey hair object

grey hair object

What did your first work consist of and what was the idea behind it?
Here I recall the first series of works that were of great influence to my career thus far, and will certainly remain to do so in the future. I am speaking about ‘2NDHead’, a portrait-series of well-known Dutchmen who appeal(ed) to me, both within their area of expertise and their looks.

For me this project was about the visual search in what ways ones appearance corresponds with the personal image and identity. With the familiar faces from TV/music/theatre/fashion you often think you can grasp their personalities, merely because you see their faces frequently. Moreover - even though we, the public, get a one-sided perspective, we – do - quickly form an opinion. Therefore, I portrayed of a group of 9 people (e.g. Bas Kosters and Achmed Akkabi) – first through photography, which, when printed, formed the base the further artistic process. From thereon, I started to follow existing lines in the faces with a needle and from these lines new lines sprouted. I was unaware what this line-wizardry would result in beforehand. Therefore my question was: ‘‘to what limits does the recognizable face uphold? Does it remain dominant? Will it turn out to be a mix or will a new face present itself?’’

These works of mine were the first with which I reached the (national) press - a beautiful article in the AD newspaper titled ‘Fleur trakteert op een tweede hoofd’ (Fleur treats you a second head, red.). This was during my very first exhibition. Since I was still in art academy, this all made a great impression on me.

 2ND HEAD Valerio

2ND HEAD Valerio

After this series I started to try a variety of other artistic methods and techniques, but after a few years I returned to my ‘’etching’’ technique where I overdraw and slowly let a drawing fade into a new artwork instead of adding a layer upon the original. Everyday I continue to train and improve my skills regarding that technique. I am happy that as an artist, I have been able to develop my own style and technique and thereby distinguish myself from others in the art spectrum.

What work are you most proud and thrilled of?
The work I’m most proud of is achieving to portray Ahmir Khalib Thompson a.k.a. Questlove of The Roots. Where I normally have women as muses, he, regardless of being a man, was on top of my wish list for years. For me he is the number one living legend that I wanted to portray. Being as obsessed with the material 'hair' as I am in my art, I mainly wanted to portrait him because of his iconic afro with the comb popping out. The portraits displayed at Swordfish & Friend are my first two where I used my technique on and in aluminum. Most notable are the changes in structure that come forward due to the technique. One of these two smaller works has been a pre-study / tryout for a bigger version of a portrait (which is 50x70cm and for sale on my website "iQon’’).

 Give the Drummer some €500,-

Give the Drummer some €500,-

Moreover I am enormously proud of all exhibitions I have been able to enjoy, and all love and positive reactions I have gotten for my work. Personally, there is no bigger honour than people being so psyched or touched by your work, that they purchase it to watch and enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?
That would be the human being itself – hereby I’d like to refer to ethnicity, human behavior, bodily movements, the perception of beauty, beauty-ideals and eccentricity.

What do we non-artists underestimate when it comes to art?
The enrichment that one undergoes (even subconsciously) when enjoying art, in whatever form it may present itself.

What are your current favourite Instagram accounts?
@Johnyuyi, she utilizes her body to create the most unique outcomes – ranging from the print of a face as a sort of tattoo over another face, to a keyboard stripped to its elements covering her breasts, and many more beautiful works.

@kwenasays, she headlines my wishlist for my hair-series ‘The Outstanding’ for sure. She keeps on amazing me when it comes down to her creativity, ingenuity and inventiveness with her looks.

@sally_hewett, breasts and bottoms in all forms and shapes, magically conjured from cloth and filling in a wooden embroidery ring. It is so ‘’REAL’’ it makes me greedy and anxious to have! Hopefully a work from the series shall once shine on my wall.

When on the wall - framed or without?
Answer C! Haha. To me personally, presentation is extremely important, because I absolutely do not want that the presentation of my work might neglect the quality of it. Or if the work is very fragile, I wouldn't want it to damage easily.

Often I use dibond for my artworks, where a hidden hanging system ties it nicely on the wall and the differences in structure and texture I added to the photograph remain visible and do not disappear behind a glass layer. Those objects are often fit to hang freely on the wall, because they have enough ''body'' to remain a static look, where it could otherwise end up looking messy. The two objects of hair hanging at Swordfish & Friend contrastingly look better when framed. In this case I used a box-frame, giving the artworks space to hang freely and not be squashed and flattened within a regular frame. For each artwork, I prefer to choose a specific approach.



CV Fleur Ouwerkerk

2017 Amsterdam, WM Gallery 'Capillary Culture, the centrality of hair' 2017 Almere, KAF, 'House of Arts / Magical Mystery Tour'
2016 Amsterdam, WM Gallery 'Paper Works'
2015 Amsterdam, Unseen 'Common Ground'
2015 Amsterdam, FramerFramed 'Ancestral Blues'
2015 IJsselstein, Meuseum Ijsselstein 'Aanstormend talent bij MIJ' 2015, Amsterdam, Galerie Joghem, Sanquin 'afscheid Bouke Bottelier' 2015 Zeist, PGGM 'Een zoektocht naar identiteit'
2014 Naarden, Galerie Pouloeuff ‘De stemming van het moment’ 2013 Nijmegen, 3eWal ‘Womanhood/Robinhood’
2013 Utrecht, Centraal Museum, ‘Blue Jeans’
2012 Amsterdam, Foamlab in De Verdieping ‘Shortcut’
2012 Utrecht, Kunstliefde ‘De nacht ruikt anders’
2012 Amsterdam, Galerie Joghem, ‘Karma, Chameleon’
2011 Amsterdam, MC Theater, ‘Zwart van roet’
2011 Utrecht, ’t Hoogt, ‘A Woman’s Veil’
2011 Rotterdam, Roodkapje mini shop, ‘6 Degrees of Separation’ 2011 Amsterdam, Walls Gallery, ‘Young At Heart’
2011 Utrecht, HKU ateliergebouw, ‘Exposure’
2011 Aarhus (Denemarken), Galleri Image, ‘Piertopia’
2009 Utrecht, Lock & Load, ‘2NDHead’

2017 June, Ode aan Puck & Hans, Runway Show, Amsterdam Museum
2016 July- September, Artwalk Bellamybuurt 'Changing Narratives' Amsterdam Heden, 
2015 -Present, Mede-oprichter en lid kunstenaarscollectief DrawMe Nearer (www.drawmenearer.com)
2014 June, gastspreker 'Good Hair Festival' Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
2012 October, FoamLab, Shortcut, ‘a one day expo challenge’, Foam, 2014 Amsterdam
2011-Present, member of artcollective 'State of L3' (www.stateofl3.com)
2011-2012 De Belofte 7, Kunstliefde Utrecht 

2017 'Museumtijdschrift' no.5, artikel 'Museum en Meer'                                                          
2012 ‘What’s Up’ magazine 2012 nummer 11, artikel ‘What’s on Stage’
2012 ‘Smile in Your Face’ website, artikel ‘My name is: Fleur Ouwerkerk’
2011 ‘Het Parool’ krant 01-09-2011, artikel ‘Kleurrijke zoektocht naar identiteit’
2011 ‘Contrast’ magazine jaargang 18 nummer 7, cover en artikel ‘The State of L3’ 2009 ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ krant december 2009, ‘Fleur trakteert op een tweede hoofd’

Pre-education HKU | 2006-2007
Bachelor of Fine Art  HKU | 2007-2011